Watch out ! Something will come out of the shadows…

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Stay connected. In a few weeks, an unique crowdfunding campaign will be launched on the Indiegogo platform ( It is not just another crowdfunding project. Our purpose is not to make a potato salad, finance tuition or create a new technological gadget. We want to do more. We want to revive a true American legend!

In the early 1920s, a Jewish Romanian opened a watch shop in New York City. First of all, he was an importer and a wholesaler but a few years later he started producing his own watches. The personality of these watches, their style and the Swiss movement inside rapidly helped the company to pull away from all the competition and to stand out from the crowd.


After the World War II, the American company produced some of its best and most innovative watches. Quickly developing, it went from being just another ordinary watch company to one that was continually introducing more and more complex “state of the art” watches. The company became so significant in the 1950s that it sought to buy out one of the leaders of the luxury watch manufacturers at that time, the Hamilton Watch Company.

The success story of the company came to an end in the 1970s with the competition created by cheap quartz watches. It quickly faded into the background, just becoming a watch brand and being no longer a manufacturer..



Is it the end of the story? Not yet.


Our team located in a small country in Europe, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, intends to bring this legendary company back into the limelight. With a revolutionary concept combining digital technology and a mechanical movement, we want to restore this American legend as a creative watch manufacturer always seeking innovation and excellence.

But, for this, we need funding. Follow our project blog, support our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and help us revive a true American legend!