Discover our incredible duo watch… or at least part of it!

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Our crowdfunding campaign will soon be launched on the Indiegogo platform. As the campaign evolves, you will discover more and more about our incredible duo watch, which combines digital technology and a mechanical movement. You will even be able to purchase one for yourself for a special price or receive perks (limited editions!) in exchange for different amounts contributed.

For now, we have to keep our watch top secret. The only thing we can do is show you some sketches of the hands on the mechanical side of our revolutionary watch (see top). These drawings, by our designer Yannick Thiel, will form part of an e-book, one of our upcoming perks, describing the design and manufacturing processes for the re-invented Belforte watch, built by the Benrus Watch Co. A fantastic story, beautifully illustrated by our talented designer.

Born in 1984 in Verviers (Belgium), Yannick has always been fascinated by medieval legend, forests and wildlife. He illustrates books for kids, is involved in several comic strip projects and works part time as a special tutor for children with family problems. Where he helps them to express themselves through drawings. More info on Yannick’s artwork (in French) at

Stay tuned, support our upcoming crowdfunding campaign and help us revive a true American legend!